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Experience the wallcoverings from Origin - luxury wallcoverings

 In order to decide whether a wallcovering fits your interior design we recommend you to order wallpaper samples of your selected products. Images on the Origin website are of high quality however seeing and feeling the colour, design and texture of the actual product can support you with your final decision. Our sample service allows you to order wallpaper samples of many Origin – luxury wallcoverings collections. You will receive a sample of the original wallcovering in A4 format. This way you can easily assess whether the product meets your requirements



Sample request

Samples are very practical to assess the quality, colour, appearance and structur of a product. A sample request at Origin - luxury wallcoverings is very easy. Click on the sample icon below the product image for ordering a wallpaper sample. A sample of the desired product is automatically added to your order. If there is no icon shown at the product, there are unfortunately no samples available for that particular item. All your selected items are listed in your order. Click on the sample icon top right of the page (next to the search bar) to view all your wallpaper samples. Here, you can also pay and complete your order.


Price and shipment

For a Origin wallpaper sample you pay 2,00 euros. No additional freight costs are charged for shipment. After receiving payment your order will be shipped as soon as possible.


For questions about our sample service or more information about our products please contact